Injuries from Accidents on Construction Sites Must File for Workman’s Compensation

constructionConstruction sites are essential in Clark County, but they are filled with potential dangers, and many types of accidents result in serious injuries and or even death every year.

Statistics released by OSHA show some of the highest fatalities in work-related injuries. Construction accidents could be the result of slips and falls, improper handling of tools, falling objects, electrical accidents, roofing accidents, crane accidents, user error on heavy equipment, fires, and explosion, mishandling of power tools, welding accidents and more.

What to do if you have an accident resulting in injuries.

If any of these accidents have happened to you, the first action is to report the incident to the supervisor. Your employer will have a C-1 form, called the Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease Incident Report, for you and the representative to sign.

The C-1 form does not start your Workman’s Comp claim. At your first visit medical treatment, they will have a C-4 form, which will start the Workman’s Comp process. Every medical provider should have these forms available.

According to Nevada Law NRS 616C.010, you only have seven days to make a report, so don’t wait! The injury may get worse, and you will run out of time to file.

What are your legal options?

Filing for Workman’s Compensation authorizes coverage for missed wages and medical benefits. This insurance only covers 60 -65 percent of the total medical costs and no long-term rehabilitation or pain and suffering, and you deserve 100 percent if the accident was because of employer negligence. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss acquiring your entire loss.