Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer


The Las Vegas streets, road and highways are home to some strange behaviors. From aggressive cab drivers and lost tourists to delivery drivers and party goers, a driver in Las Vegas can see some pretty odd things happen on the road. Whether an accident occurs due to a criminal offense, such as drunk driving, or a simple mistake, a person who suffers a personal or property injury as a result of a Vegas traffic accident should consider hiring an experienced attorney to protect his or her financial interests and physical health.

As the Vegas roads are home to frequent traffic accidents, insurance companies have experienced teams of adjustors, negotiators and lawyers whose primary job is to settle claims as quickly and inexpensively as possible. For example, many insurance companies will offer a large upfront settlement with little or no compensation for future problems. Insurance companies do this as they know that many injuries from an accident will worsen or not show up for years until after the settlement has been reached. Without proper legal consul, a person may accept a settlement that leaves them exposed to serious medical bills in future years.

At the Potter Law Offices, we also have years of experience in helping our clients in and around Las Vegas to get the best settlement possible. We can help our clients to understand his or her damages and any potential settlement offered from an insurance company. In cases where the insurance company will not negotiate in good faith, we are willing and able to take the case to court to get a fair settlement. Our firm’s local reputation for representing our clients can help those who are harmed in an accident to get fair treatment from the insurance agencies.

If you or a loved one has been in a vehicle accident, give us a call at the Potter Law Office for the professional representation that you deserve.67