School Child Abuse Lawyer in Las Vegas


School child abuse takes on many forms. It is often when a teacher commits an act against a child that harms the child either physically or mentally. The abuse could be in a simple form of putting a child in the corner for no apparent reason or as extreme as sexual misconduct with a child. There are ramifications for each course of action that are taken with students.

When parents send their children to school, they expect that they are learning in a safe environment. This isn’t always the case. There are times when teachers and school staff will use the authority that they have in a manner that constitutes abuse. Some workers will hit children while others will take part in sexual activities with children. While older students, such as those in high school, might be in agreement to some sexual acts, they are still considered child abuse.

When a teacher or staff member hits a child for not completing an assignment or as a form of punishment for the child talking out of turn instead of using another means of punishment, then it’s considered child abuse. There are many schools that have outlawed corporal punishment in schools, such as spanking or hitting a child on the hand, so when these things occur, they need to be looked at so that the teacher or worker can possibly keep a job in the future with the school system.

It’s best to contact an attorney in Las Vegas who specializes in school child abuse. The attorney will discuss the ramifications of the abuse, which could be losing the ability to teach in the county or state. The attorney will also discuss fines and settlements that could be reached between parents, the worker and the school system, which could be upwards of thousands of dollars for any injuries and pain and suffering of the student.