Negligent Security Attorney in Las Vegas


Millions of visitors flock to Las Vegas, Nevada every year to enjoy the shows, view the fabulous nightlife and visit the casinos to test their luck. Some visitors come with family, friends or in groups. There are couples who make trips to get married here. Las Vegas has much to offer, but with all of it’s great amenities, it has it’s share of crime.

Property owner’s responsibility

From shopping malls, to casinos, to nightclubs, crime is everywhere. Property owners have a responsibility to provide adequate security measures for crimes that are foreseen. For example, rape and assault happen in the parking lots of nightclubs. The owner should take proper measures to ensure that visitors are safe. If he doesn’t, this is called negligent security, and he can be held liable.

Types of negligent security

There are many crimes that fall under the category of negligent security. Larceny is a crime in which an item is taken from an individual without the use of force or a weapon. Armed robbery and strong arm robbery are when an item is taken by force. The difference in the two is that armed robbery is when the criminal uses a weapon. Third party negligent security is when a personnel member steps in, and the victim gets hurt because of this. Security personnel aren’t always trained properly. For a case to be tried as negligent security, it must be determined if the owner provided adequate lighting, video cameras and security personnel and if he knew or should have known this could happen.


If you or a loved one are the victim of negligent security, give us a call right away and let us help you get the compensation you deserve. We’ll stand beside you every step of the way and do our best to ensure justice is served.