Injured By Security in Las Vegas


You plan your vacation this year to Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights, the sound and the magic are here for the young and the young at heart. There are so many things to do and see, and millions visit every year. With all of those visitors, however, crime lurks in every corner.

Crime and security

With crime happening all around, many businesses choose to hire security personnel to guard their establishment. The security employees are generally contracted from an outside company. In most cases, the pay for security is little with no benefits. Training for security is at a minimum, as well. The result is employees who only half perform the way they should.

When a victim is attacked, security personnel should see it on camera or have an alert. They advance to the altercation and try to help. Unfortunately, what happens in too many cases is the original victim now becomes the victim of the security person because he has injured the victim while trying to help. This comes from lack of knowledge and training. These guys don’t understand how to handle a situation like this, and the victim often suffers for that.

Building a case

If you’ve been a victim of injury by security personnel, you probably have a case for negligence and can receive compensation. The owner of the establishment has a responsibility to protect visitors by providing accurate lighting, video cameras and security personnel. In this case, the security personnel didn’t perform their job properly, and you were injured.


If you or your loved one have suffered from injuries due to the negligence of security personnel in Las Vegas, you shouldn’t suffer any longer. Our attorneys have the knowledge and capability to provide a strong case for your situation. Give us a call and let us help you today.