Liability Law and Loaning Your Car to Friends or Family


Just like in other states throughout the US, in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a law known as liability. In the case where you have loaned your vehicle to a friend or family member, if that person gets into an accident while driving your car, you can be found at fault. This is known as “vicarious liability” and means that you are responsible for any wrongdoing that occurs when someone else is operating your vehicle. It is important to keep this in mind any time you are considering letting someone else use your car.

Of course, to be considered the owner of a vehicle, it means that the registration and insurance on it is in your name. There are some exceptions to this, such as another individual acting as the owner because they have possession of the car and care for it or because they have authority to sell it.

A vehicle’s owner can be considered liable for an accident in the following situations:

• When an employer asks an employee to use a company vehicle for business purposes

• When the car’s owner knows a person doesn’t have a driver’s license or is an irresponsible driver and allows them to use the vehicle regardless

• When the owner knows there is a defect in the vehicle but allows someone else to drive it

• An employee was using their employer’s vehicle for something job related

• An employee is reckless behind the wheel or is unlicensed

In the case of a parent letting their child use their car while knowing the child is an unsafe driver, the parent can be liable for the child’s actions if they get into an accident. The same can be said for any time a car owner tells a friend they know is an irresponsible driver or who has no license, “Take my car.”

If you are involved in an auto accident with a reckless driver and are injured as a result, it’s important to hire an attorney. If the driver is not the car’s owner, the owner may be held liable for your injury and other damages.