Auto Accident: How are Police Reports Used to Help Your Case


When you are involved in an auto accident in Las Vega, Nevada, a police report can play a large role in determining who is at fault.

In a car accident that results in injury to any party, whether they are a driver or passenger, and damage to vehicles, there is a good chance that police will arrive at the scene. This means that there will be at least a minimal investigation of the scene of the accident and that a police report can be filed for a potential personal injury lawsuit or insurance claims.

If law enforcement comes to the scene of your auto accident – this can include police, sheriffs or highway patrol officers – the officers investigating will write up a detailed report on the accident. That write-up is more commonly referred to as a police report.

Police reports can be highly beneficial to your personal injury or damages claim. After an accident, a copy of the police report is sent to the insurance company. It is important to obtain and keep a copy for yourself or have your attorney obtain one for your records.

A police report detailing the circumstances after an auto accident include the following:

• Date, time and location of accident

• Details of the accident, as well as a diagram of the scene of the accident

• Names of parties involved in the accident, as well as those of witnesses involved or who observed it

• Names and addresses of all injured parties and possible summaries of their injuries, whether they had medical attention and if they were transported to the hospital

• Details or the weather, road conditions and lighting

• Description of property damage

• Description of vehicles involved in the accident

The report does not include the opinions of the police who responded at the scene. It includes the facts of how the auto accident occurred and who was involved and whose action may have caused the accident. This can be helpful in your personal injury or vehicle damage case. If you dispute any information on the police report, you should have your attorney assist you or seek a witness who can back up your claims.