Government Liability for Auto Accidents


Government liability for auto accidents is when you are claiming you were injured in a car accident involving a government vehicle. When this incident occurs, there are a different set of rules that apply from when you are involved in an accident with a regular driver.

If the accident in which you are involved is with a government employee, with a government owned vehicle or even if your auto accident stems from dangerous conditions on the highway, it is considered government liability. This means that you cannot simply file a personal injury lawsuit with the court in Las Vegas, Nevada as you would in an ordinary incident. Instead, there is a legal term known as sovereign immunity, which means that governments, as well as their employees and agencies, are protected against all types of liability, including auto accidents, even when they would otherwise be seen as at fault for the incident.

However, all 50 states in the US and the federal government have legislation in place that overrides government immunity. There is a condition, though, that means there are strict procedural rules to which you must adhere when making a personal injury claim, including a shorter deadline for filing that claim. Typically, you have two years to file a claim, with the government typically ruling on it within six months.

A government employee or entity may be responsible for personal injury stemming from an auto accident in certain instances. For example, if you are rear-ended by a government vehicle while stopped for a red light or are struck by a city bus, that is considered part of a Tort Claims Act. The Federal Tort Claims Act waives the sovereign immunity of government employees or entities and allows individuals to file personal injury claims against them.

Additionally, an accident that occurs on hazardous road conditions that results in personal injury also qualifies under that category.

In any situation in which you have been injured in an auto accident with a government employee or entity, you must have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. This will ensure that you can get compensated for your injuries and other damages.