Parking Lots: Common Place for Car Accidents

Parking lots are highly common places where car accidents occur. In Las Vegas, Nevada, this is no exception. It is easy to get into a collision in a parking lot because there are many cars moving in different directions and the space can frequently be cramped. It can also feel like a free-for-all while driving in parking lots because there usually aren’t defined driving lanes.

With all that in mind, how do you prove fault if you are involved in a car accident in a parking lot?

A common cause for a parking lot accident is a driver backing out of a parking space and hitting a car that’s driving through the area. This would be the fault of the former because drivers backing out of a space are obligated to look both ways to ensure that the area is clear. It is also important to initially back out a small bit of the way until there is a clear enough view of the lane. The only reason this kind of accident wouldn’t be the fault of the driver pulling out of a space is if the other driver was speeding.

A rear-end collision in parking lots is common and is nearly always the fault of the driver hitting the vehicle from behind. Drivers must follow other cars at a safe distance and at an appropriate speed. Of course, they should also be aware at all times.

If a driver suddenly makes a left turn in front of another car to try to get a parking space and collides with that other car, they are at fault for the accident. In general, drivers should never make a left turn around oncoming traffic. It is also essential that the traffic move in the proper direction.

Another common car accident in parking lots is when two cars back out of spots at the same time and collide. Both should be alert and look both ways to ensure the area is clear. In this case, both drivers would likely be found equally at fault for the accident.

If you have gotten into a car accident in a Las Vegas parking lot, contact an attorney immediately. This would help if you have to take the case to court.

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