Car Accidents: Proving Fault


If you are involved in a car accident with another driver in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most important things is to prove who was at fault. Although it may seem obvious, it isn’t always easy to prove to the insurance companies. That means that the individual must provide evidence of fault in a car accident because it makes the claim much stronger.

State Traffic Laws

State traffic laws are good sources of evidence to support an argument about who was at fault for a car accident. They are typically included in the “Rules of the Road” publication available at the DMV. Government websites also include information about the traffic laws in the state of Nevada.

Police Reports

Although police reports may not include every single detail of the accident, they are a good source to which to look when proving fault for a car accident. Keeping that in mind, it is always wise to ask an officer who arrives at the scene of the accident for a copy of the police report. You should be able to obtain one after the original report is filed.

In some cases, police will not show up to the scene of an accident. When that happens, it requires the parties involved to report the accident to their local police station. After the report is filed, investigators may obtain the report to determine what happened. You are then able to get copies of those reports for your own records and can use them to prove fault.

Photographic Evidence

If you took photos of the scene of the accident with your smartphone’s camera, it may prove valuable when proving fault. Experts examine skid marks and determine the speed at which a vehicle was traveling and when the brakes were used. Focus particularly on skid marks and any noticeable damages to the vehicles.

Red light cameras are also good for proving fault in a car accident. They can show speeds at which cars were traveling and whether a driver made an illegal move or turn.
No matter what, when you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to hire a savvy attorney. Your attorney will help you to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.