Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Las Vegas

Protect a Victim’s Rights with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Las Vegas

Nursing home abuse is at epidemic proportions. In a study on the incidence of nursing home abuse reported by National Center on Elder Abuse, 44 percent of assisted living facility residents report abuse during the past year. 95 percent report an least one type of neglect.

The rates of nursing home abuse in Las Vegas is consistent with the national average. The first step in protecting a person who is the victim of this type of elder abuse is retaining the services of an experienced Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney, like a member of the legal team at the Potter Law Offices.

Compensation in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

The nature and extent of compensation awarded in a nursing home abuse claim depends on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the case. With that said, there are certain types of injuries, damages, and losses that commonly are compensable in a nursing home abuse case. These include pain and suffering, medical expenses, and psychological injury.

Another reality associated with nursing home abuse is that a victim may be required to undergo medical care and treatment into the future. In addition, pain and psychological injury associated with the victimization may endure for an extended period of time as well. A skilled Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyer will fight to ensure that a victim receives appropriate compensation for future losses as well.

Finally, if the conduct of the wrongdoer is particularly egregious, the victim of nursing home abuse may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages represent additional compensation. Punitive damages are also designed to punish the victimizer for particularly egregious or reckless conduct.

Retain a Law Vegas Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

A nursing home abuse attorney from the Potter Law Offices is available for an initial consultation. Legal counsel will provide an evaluation of a particular nursing home abuse case. There is no legal fee charged for an initial consultation.