How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth?


When you are involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been injured, you will probably want to file a personal injury lawsuit. One question you will no doubt have in your mind is: “How much is my case worth?” The answer to that depends on your damages. That means figuring out how much your injuries have cost you, not only financially but physically and mentally.

In a personal injury case, the injured person, also known as the plaintiff, is awarded money by the person or company, known as the defendant, to cover their injuries and other damages. There are different ways in which the compensation the plaintiff receives in a personal injury case is determined.

Medical treatment: Personal injury claims almost always include the cost of any medical care the individual receives after the accident. This is reimbursement for any treatment you had or that you may still require in the future.

Income: If you have missed work and an amount of money from your salary, you are due compensation for that. This is generally money you would have earned had you not been injured and any income you would otherwise receive in the future if not for your injuries.

Property loss: If your vehicle or any other items were damaged in the accident, you will be compensated for their fair market value or to repair them.

Pain and suffering: If you experienced pain during and after the accident, you can recover compensation for it.

Emotional distress: Damages like emotional distress are common after an accident, especially when you are injured. You may be able to recover damages for the psychological impact of your injuries.

Loss of enjoyment: If the accident prevents you from enjoying everyday activities, including exercise, hobbies and others, you can recover damages for loss of enjoyment.

Loss of consortium: This relates to how your injuries impact your relationship with your spouse. Sometimes, it can relate to the relationship between a parent and child.

You can sometimes recover punitive damages in a personal injury case. It is generally instituted as a way to attempt to “make someone whole” but punishes the defendant for their actions.

Overall, how much your personal injury case is worth comes down to the extent of your injuries and other damages. Hire a skilled attorney to help you recover the maximum compensation.