Back and Neck Injury in Las Vegas


Neck and back injuries are among the more common complaints brought to a personal injury law firm. Frequently, they are the result of a car accident, but they can happen in other ways. A slip and fall, construction mishap or swimming pool accident may also be responsible for a serious injury to the back or neck. If you have suffered a back and neck injury in Las Vegas, then you need a qualified personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case.

The most common symptom of any neck or back injury is intense pain. Sometimes the pain is so acute that it affects every aspect of the victim’s life. They simply can’t move the way they once did. Moreover, they can’t participate in many activities that used to bring them pleasure, nor are they able to do the same kind of work that they did before their accident. Sleeping, sitting and standing all involve a degree of pain that’s unbearable.

On top of the pain, there are other troubling symptoms. These can include sensations of unbearable pressure, numbness or tingling, loss of bladder control, paralysis or weakness of the limbs and difficulty breathing. Far from being minor inconveniences, these severe symptoms may change the victim’s life forever.

The circumstances of the back and neck injury may only be exacerbated by the victim’s knowledge that someone else was responsible for their accident. It seems unfair that another person’s negligence or recklessness caused the incident, yet the victim seems to be left to suffer the consequences. They also may be pressured by insurance companies to accept a quick, low-ball settlement that doesn’t adequately compensate them for the full extent of their injuries, which may not even be known until months after the accident.

That’s why it’s crucial for people who suffer a neck and back injury to consult with a Nevada personal injury lawyer. Their extensive knowledge of the law, coupled with the insight of back and neck injury specialists, enables them to seek the compensation that their clients deserve. Contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney about your back and neck injury.