Birth Injury Attorney in Las Vegas


When a family is expecting a baby, hopes are high. Parents want a healthy child above all else, and most will do anything to protect their child during pregnancy and throughout the course of their lifetime. However, some things are beyond the parents’ control. During delivery, it’s medical personnel who are responsible for the welfare of the baby. When they fail in this duty, then a birth injury may be the result.

Experts estimate that seven out of every 1,000 deliveries in the U.S. involve a birth injury. Some of these are mild and do not have long-lasting consequences. Others are not so fortunate. These severe birth injuries cause debilitating physical and mental issues that may last a lifetime. Some of the more common and severe birth injuries include cerebral palsy, paralysis, broken bones, brachial plexus palsy and brain damage. In the most extreme cases, an error made by medical personnel may result in the death of the infant.

While it’s sometimes true that a birth injury occurs even when there is no malpractice or negligence, it’s more likely for the injury to be the result of human error. All birth injuries are a heartbreaking experience for the parents. They did everything they could to ensure a healthy and uneventful birth, yet forces beyond their control conspired against them. The medical professionals that the family should have been able to rely upon failed, and the result is a severe birth injury.

It is crucial that cases of medical malpractice and negligence in the delivery room be brought to light. Filing a lawsuit is one of the best ways in which families can address this problem. If your baby suffered severe injuries because of the negligence of medical personnel in the delivery room, then you need to speak with a birth injury attorney in Las Vegas.

With dedication and sympathy, the Nevada birth injury lawyers at the Potter Law Offices will listen to your story and investigate the circumstances of your child’s birth to determine whether or not a case may be brought against the hospital and the involved medical personnel.