Construction Injuries in Las Vegas


The construction industry is booming in Las Vegas. That’s great news for workers who are looking for steady employment and good wages. However, the construction industry is hazardous. Between workers who do not receive adequate training, neglected safety standards and the malfunctioning of heavy equipment, hundreds of workers receive on-the-job injuries every year.

Unfortunately, it is frequently the employer that is ultimately at fault in these accidents. Construction companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of all workers. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to remove all dangers from construction sites. In fact, many jobs on the worksite are inherently risky. Nonetheless, the employer still has a duty to enforce and maintain safety standards that are meant to ensure that workers are not unduly exposed to hazards.

Federal, state and county agencies impose a number of laws and guidelines that are aimed at providing construction workers with a safe workplace, but this doesn’t mean that these standards are always observed. Many construction companies see these guidelines as being needlessly expensive, time-consuming or burdensome. Simply put, they take shortcuts, and it is often the workers who are the ones that pay the price.

If the company and the workers are fortunate, the injuries sustained on a construction site are not severe or life-threatening. However, this is not always the case. Construction injuries in Las Vegas may involve head wounds, spinal injuries and broken limbs. Amputations are not unheard of, and neither are severe burns, deep punctures and brain trauma. In the most serious cases, workers may lose their lives on the job.

Everyone who is employed in the construction industry is entitled to have a safe workplace. It is the duty of the employer to ensure that the construction site is orderly and that all federal and state safety guidelines are followed to the letter. When they fail in this duty, then they can be sued by injured employees for recklessness or negligence.

With the rising costs of medical care and lost wages, injured workers must act quickly. Contact the Potter Law Offices today to discuss construction injuries in Las Vegas.