Defamation, Libel and Slander in Las Vegas


Defamation of character is an extremely serious matter, especially with the prevalence of online communication. If someone has published hurtful, untrue things about you, then it’s within your rights to seek legal action. While libel, slander and defamation generally are not considered criminal offenses, this does not prohibit the victim from suing in civil court.

Slander refers to speaking harmful lies about another person or organization while libel is related to putting those lies into writing. Both libel and slander can be considered “defamation of character.” These cases are extraordinarily difficult to litigate, which is why it is critical to hire an attorney who has considerable experience in this area of law.

Establishing defamation involves proving a number of elements. It is essential that the statements be heard or published so that others may be privy to them. Additionally, the statements, whether oral or written, must be untrue. This means that someone who makes a hurtful, but true, statement about you cannot be accused of slander or defamation. What’s more, the declaration or statement must cause some type of injury to the victim. The injury may be monetary, but it also may be to the victim’s reputation or to their ability to move in social circles.

Defamation can occur in a relatively tight-knit group of friends, family and acquaintances or extend to the all of the citizens of a particular town or state. Some cases may even encompass the entire nation. Libelous claims traditionally appeared in newspapers or personal correspondence, but these are increasingly being seen in an online capacity. In fact, many defamation cases originate with lies being promoted via social media, text messaging and other electronic forms of communication.

Defamation, libel and slander in Las Vegas represent particularly complex legal cases. It is rarely easy to prove fault or to obtain the compensation that the victim deserves. Experience is key with defamation cases, which means that hiring the right legal representation is critical.

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