Construction Accidents in Las Vegas

bridge collapse

Clark County in general and Las Vegas in particular have seen tremendous growth in recent years. The influx of people has translated to a notable increase in construction. This is generally good news for the economy, but all of that construction comes with a downside.

Construction is a dangerous industry. From malfunctioning equipment to neglected safety issues, the work zone can be loaded with hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration notes that people can be injured on construction sites thanks to falling objects, improperly constructed scaffolding, exposure to toxins, crane mishaps, slip and falls and incidents with forklifts. Sometimes, workers compensation is available for victims. The bad news is that this rarely provides an adequate amount of money for workers who are faced with medical bills, lost wages and the need for ongoing care.

It’s in cases like these where workers may benefit by consulting with an attorney who handles construction accidents in Las Vegas. Filing a workers’ comp claim may make the most sense. However, your attorney can advise you of the availability of other forms of legal redress.

Typically, filing a workers’ compensation claim in Nevada means giving up the right to sue an employer for negligence. When the employer’s actions were especially reckless or negligent, and the resulting injuries are particularly severe, pursuing workers’ compensation simply may not make sense. With the help of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, you’ll be able to decide whether you should seek a workers’ compensation claim or if it makes more sense to sue your employer for negligence.

Construction accident cases in Las Vegas are all different. Accordingly, it’s essential to ask an experienced personal injury attorney for their perspective before choosing how to respond. They may counsel you that a workers’ compensation claim makes sense. On the other hand, they may recommend a negligence lawsuit against your employer.

Contact the qualified, competent Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices today. They will review the specifics of your situation to help you decide how to pursue compensation after construction accidetns in Las Vegas.