Catastrophic Injuries in Las Vegas


After sustaining a catastrophic injury in Las Vegas, the victim’s entire existence may be given over to recovery. That’s because the nature of this trauma is such that the victim’s lifestyle is never the same. They may no longer be able to work in any capacity, and this may affect the entire family’s well-being. When the lifestyle of everyone you love is at stake, you can’t afford to take chances. It’s imperative that you hold financially responsible the persons or parties that were responsible for your injuries.

Catastrophic injuries in Las Vegas are those traumas that cause the permanent disability of the victim. Their quality of life is forever affected, and in many cases, long-term care becomes a necessity of survival. That’s because Las Vegas catastrophic injuries generally involve traumatic brain injuries, severe damage to the spinal cord and acute burns to a significant portion of the victim’s body. Some people may be at least partially paralyzed as a result of their accident or may have to have a limb amputated.

These injuries can occur in a number of ways. Car accidents are among the most common, but catastrophic injuries can also result from medical malpractice, defective consumer products, workplace accidents or even a particularly serious slip or trip and fall.

Any of these traumas can involve permanent physical damage that may never heal. Victims may experience difficulty breathing, have muscular coordination and balance problems or have extreme issues with simple communication. Sometimes these injuries will require the victim to have around the clock care for a few weeks or even for the rest of their lives.

Catastrophic injuries in Las Vegas need to be reviewed by an experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have the skill and knowledge that are required for calculating medical expenses and the costs of ongoing care. They know how to account for lost wages and how to project for future expenses that the victim may not even consider.

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