Industrial Injuries in Las Vegas


Working in the industrial sector is frequently hazardous. Thousands of people receive severe injuries in the normal course of their employment. Tragically, the U.S. also sees about 1,000 deaths in the industrial sector every year. When it comes to industrial injuries in Las Vegas, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Because of the nature of industrial facilities and the work that occurs there, accidents can be a daily occurrence. Many federal, state and local laws are designed to protect people who work in even the most hazardous conditions. Nonetheless, employers sometimes fail in their duty to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place. This can mean catastrophic injuries, and perhaps even death, to hundreds of industrial workers in Nevada every year.

Industrial accidents may happen with relative frequency, but this does not mean that they should be accepted. When a worker is severely injured, the trauma may prevent them from returning to work for weeks or months. Some will not be able to go back to work at all. When this happens to the family’s breadwinner, the results can be devastating. Along with the loss of income, families must also deal with providing ongoing healthcare and covering medical costs. If the employer was negligent or reckless, and their actions or inaction led to the accident that caused the injury, then they should be held responsible.

Industrial accidents may happen in plants, factories, shipyards, oil refineries and a host of other facilities. Frequently, these accidents result in broken bones, severe head wounds, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, loss of a limb or other catastrophic injuries. The trauma may be difficult or even impossible to recover from, and that’s why it’s critical to work with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

At the Potter Law Offices, our practitioners have extensive experience with helping clients to obtain compensation from industrial injuries in Las Vegas. This gives us tremendous insight into how these cases typically work, and this means that we can efficiently reach a satisfactory outcome. Contact a Nevada industrial accident lawyer today.