Daycare Abuse Lawyers in Las Vegas


Many parents must rely on a daycare to watch their children. Most of these facilities are safe, and they are staffed with well-trained people who genuinely care for their young charges. Unfortunately, there are other daycares where children may be abused or neglected. When these situations arise, the parents need to consult with daycare abuse lawyers in Las Vegas.

Daycare abuse or neglect can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes the facility does not adequately screen new employees, which leads to hiring workers who are not qualified or who have a criminal history that should preclude them from working with children. Other daycares are understaffed. They simply don’t have enough adults to appropriately oversee the children in their charge. It’s also imperative for daycare facilities to be well maintained so as not to pose a safety hazard to little ones. When employees fail in this duty to provide a safe, clean and secure environment, children can be injured.

When a parent suspects daycare abuse, their priority is to seek alternative care for their child along with ensuring that the child receives all necessary medical attention and psychological support. The next logical step is to speak with daycare abuse lawyers in Las Vegas. That’s because state law sets strict time limits by which the parents must file a claim against the daycare. When you initially contact an attorney, you may not even be certain that you want to sue. However, one of the primary functions of qualified daycare abuse lawyers is to determine whether or not you have an actionable claim.

After meeting with an attorney, you may decide that you don’t want to sue the daycare facility. On the other hand, the facts and evidence may be such that you believe you have no alternative but to pursue a resolution via a lawsuit. Your daycare abuse lawyers in Las Vegas can help you make this critical decision.

Talk to the daycare neglect attorneys at the Potter Law Offices today. With empathy and compassion, they’ll listen to your story and help you explore the options that are available to you.