Premises Liability Attorneys in Las Vegas


Until they are injured, many people are not aware of a legal concept known as premises liability. Essentially, if you are injured as a result of a visit to a property that was in defective condition or was otherwise unsafe, then you may be able to make a legal claim for compensation against the owner of the premises under Nevada law.

When premises liability attorneys in Las Vegas file a lawsuit or make a claim on behalf of their client, they are basically alleging negligence on the part of the property’s owner. In short, the owner had a duty to provide reasonably safe conditions for people visiting the premises. When the owner fails in that duty, then he may be held legally and financially responsible.

Of course, people who receive an injury on someone else’s property are not always the victim of the owner’s negligence. For instance, someone who was trespassing on the premises or was there with the intent to commit a crime would be unlikely to be able to make a successful legal claim. On the other hand, perhaps the owner could not reasonably be expected to have been aware of the hazard posed by the property. However, many of the premises liability cases that are reviewed by personal injury attorneys have merit, which means that filing a claim may make sense.

Premises liability cases in Las Vegas most often relate to slip-and-fall accidents. Other cases may involve elevator mishaps, dog bites, fires or exposure to toxic chemicals. Accidents at swimming pools or on amusement park rides may also be eligible for premises liability claims as are the presence of defective conditions on the property and evidence of inadequate maintenance.

If you experienced any kind of physical and emotional trauma on someone else’s property, then it may make sense to schedule a consultation with a reliable Las Vegas premises liability attorney. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have extensive experience with Nevada premises liability law. They will thoroughly review your situation, and provide you with an honest opinion regarding whether or not you may make a claim.