Slip and Fall Lawyers in Las Vegas

Slip-and-fall accidents happen more frequently than most people realize. Usually, they occur under ordinary circumstances. The victim is going about their day at work or running errands. Then, they encounter an unforeseen hazard. This could be a pothole, an uneven sidewalk, a stack of books or a power cord on the floor, or even an unmarked spill. Any of these hazards could cause a person to slip or trip and then fall to the ground, and most people are shocked by the extent of the injuries they receive.

When someone falls, instinct takes over. They reach out one or both arms to catch themselves. Frequently, this causes damage to the rotator cuff, wrist or hand. Sometimes the fall causes the spine to twist, resulting in ongoing back pain. The victim may experience a sprain or even a break in one of their limbs. Perhaps the most serious damage comes from a traumatic brain injury when the victim hits their head on the floor, ground surface or stairs.

It’s critical to react appropriately in the event of a slip and fall. The accident should immediately be reported to the property owner, who may want you to fill out an accident report. Be cautious about signing anything at this time, at least until you’ve had an attorney review the paperwork. In the aftermath of the accident, you may not yet realize the true extent of your injuries, and you want to be clearheaded about what you’re signing. However, you may want to notify the police of the incident so that they can generate a report as well.

Documenting the scene can also be vital to your case, should you decide to file a lawsuit against the property owner for being negligent in their duty to provide warning of any hazards or to correct any dangerous conditions. Take photographs of the scene, and ask for the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Then, contact slip and fall lawyers in Las Vegas. At the Potter Law Offices, we help people receive financial compensation after suffering injuries in a fall on someone else’s property.

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