18 Wheeler Accidents in Las Vegas

There’s no such thing as a “little accident” when an 18 wheeler is involved. All crashes that involve these massive vehicles are potentially tragic. That’s because these vehicles weigh approximately 25 times more than passenger cars. If you get into an accident with an 18 wheeler, chances are good that you will sustain terrible injuries. If you were involved in 18 wheeler accidents in Las Vegas, then you need the Nevada truck accident attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to handle your case.

The economy relies on semi-trucks to deliver products. Unfortunately, the pressure to get things done pushes trucking companies to force their drivers to work in an unsafe manner. Too often, drivers are sleepy or distracted behind the wheel, and this can lead to disaster.

Drivers of 18 wheelers are banned by federal law from using a handheld cell phone for talking or texting while they are driving. Nevertheless, many drivers continue these unsafe practices. The result is hundreds of tragic accidents every year.

When you are involved in 18 wheeler accidents in Las Vegas, you will probably sustain traumatic injuries. Many drivers and passengers who were in vehicles that collided with a semi-truck must spend days or weeks in the hospital while receiving treatment. Even after being discharged, they may be faced with ongoing doctor appointments and medical procedures. They may have to spend considerable time away from work. With debilitating injuries that may never fully heal, some victims will never be able to return to their former lifestyle.

When the driver of a semi-truck has been reckless or negligent behind the wheel, it’s possible to hold them and their employer legally and financially responsible for their actions. State and federal laws prohibit 18 wheeler drivers from working too much or operating their rig while being sleepy or under the influence. If you believe that the truck driver in your accident is at fault, then call the Potter Law Offices.

The 18 wheeler accident attorneys in Las Vegas at our offices will evaluate your case to determine whether or not you may make a personal injury claim.