Drunk Driver Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

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It is a tragic reality that thousands of drunk drivers get behind the wheel every year. Too frequently, these incidents interfere with the lives and well-being of innocent bystanders. If this happens to you, then you need a drunk driver injury attorney in Las Vegas to review your case.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, estimate that approximately one-third of all collisions in the U.S. involve alcohol. This means that the toll drunk drivers take each year is enormous. Accordingly, the law prescribes several criminal penalties that may be levied against a drunk driver. The at-fault party may have to pay fines, attend rehabilitation and may even spend time in jail or prison, depending upon the severity of their crime.

However, the law also makes it possible for the victims of a drunk driver to seek legal redress in the civil court system. That’s because the victim does not receive any kind of compensation from the criminal proceedings. Nonetheless, the victim is stuck with rising medical bills, a damaged vehicle and the potential for lots of missed days at work. Some severe injuries may require weeks, months or even years before a complete recovery is made. A civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver is often the best way to help deal with these difficulties and expenses.

Your drunk driver injury attorney in Las Vegas may seek special damages that will provide you with reimbursement for the cost of your medical care as well as lost income and other economic hardships that arose as a consequence of the accident. It also may be possible for your attorney to seek general damages, which are intended to compensate you for your mental and physical anguish. In certain situations, your attorney may advise you that it is appropriate to further ask for punitive damages when particularly reckless behavior behind the wheel is involved.

Ask a drunk driver injury attorney in Las Vegas at the Potter Law Offices about your options. You may be entitled to considerable compensation for the damages you suffered after being struck by a drunk driver.