Hit by Drunk Driver in Las Vegas


According to the law, the victim of an accident may seek to be “made whole.” This isn’t always an easy thing to do, particularly when the victim was hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas. That’s because the effects of such a collision may be far-reaching and severe. Much of the physical damage is readily apparent, but there are also mental and emotional injuries that are less evident. If you were hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas and wish to be “made whole” under the law, then talk to the Potter Law Offices today.

Drunk drivers present an extreme danger to everyone else on the road. Every year, people who are under the influence make the decision to get behind the wheel. The lucky ones make it home without hurting anyone. However, there are too many who cause serious accidents. Victims in these crashes may suffer severe, life-altering injuries. All of these people are entitled to be “made whole” under the law.

The concept of making someone whole involves returning the victim to similar circumstances that they occupied before the accident occurred. While the law cannot erase your physical and emotional scars after being hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas, it can redress your circumstances with financial compensation.

Anyone who is the victim of a drunk driver in Las Vegas is likely to have sizable medical bills. Moreover, they may miss considerable time at work, which means that their income will probably be affected. Any damage to property will also have to be addressed. Insurance covers some of the expenses, but not all of them.

What’s more, insurance cannot always provide compensation for the less-obvious damage that often comes with being hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas. This is where punitive damages may come into play. Punitive damages, as the name implies, are designed to punish the at-fault driver with the idea of discouraging similar action in the future.

Let the Nevada personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices help you if you were hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas.