Casino Slip and Fall in Las Vegas


Casinos are big business in Las Vegas. They attract millions of tourists and locals every year. It’s good for the economy, but not everyone has a fantastic time. In fact, casinos are one of the most common places for people to be injured in Nevada.

The reasons for the number of slip and fall injuries that occur in Las Vegas casinos are many. Alcohol plays a role in some incidents, and casino owners are always going to argue that there is comparative negligence on the part of the victim whether alcohol is involved or not. While it is possible for the victim to be partially responsible for the damages they suffered, it is quite common for the casino to be mostly or completely at fault in these incidents.

Determining who was responsible is not easy for the average person. This is why it is critical for casino slip and fall victims to consult with a personal injury attorney. Casinos are exciting places; there is always a multitude of things happening at once. Add to that the noise, the crowds and casino employees rushing around to complete their duties, and you have a recipe for disaster.

With so much happening, it’s no surprise that spills and obstacles can get in the way of innocent patrons. When this results in a slip and fall accident with an injury, the casino and their insurance company will strive to provide the minimum amount of compensation. Victims need a Nevada casino slip and fall attorney who will fight to get them the compensation they deserve.