Las Vegas show Slip and Fall


People come to Las Vegas for many reasons. Gambling in the casinos is at the top of the list for most visitors, but so is seeing the spectacular shows. As the performers seek to outdo each other at every venue on most nights of the week, accidents are all-but guaranteed to occur.

Usually, those accidents only affect the performers, such as when a dancer or a trapeze artist suffers a fall. However, it’s quite common for audience members to also get caught up in a mishap. This happens because performers in some shows head out into the audience to interact with guests. It also happens when items are thrown or fall from the stage. Performers have also fallen directly onto audience members, sometimes causing serious injuries. Of course, slip and fall accidents at Las Vegas shows are among the most common. Patrons have been known to slip and fall at venues where water and other liquids are a part of the entertainment.

When these accidents happen, medical care is nearly always required. When the emergency has passed, it becomes necessary to determine what factors caused the accident. It may be attributed to faulty equipment or inadequate preparation by the performer. Perhaps the backstage crew did not properly maintain props and set pieces. Whether the victim was injured in a slip and fall at a Vegas show or suffered other injuries, it will be necessary to hire reliable legal counsel.

An experienced Las Vegas show slip and fall attorney is your trusted advocate who can help you recover from your injuries.