Hotel Slip and Fall in Las Vega


Las Vegas is home to some of the most elegant hotels in the world. Millions of visitors pay to stay at the city’s four- and five-star properties every year. Unfortunately, the upscale surroundings are not always enough to ensure guest safety. When it comes to questions of premises liability, it is critical for victims to consult with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

Slip and fall accidents in Las Vegas hotels are not uncommon. Hundreds of people are injured each year when they encounter damaged stairs or missing handrails. A broken piece of furniture or poorly lit hallway also may be responsible for a slip and fall incident. Still others are caused by floors that recently received a coat of wax or are slippery due to a spill of water or ice. Any of these conditions can result in a serious slip and fall injury.

Instinct causes people to reach out with one or both hands when they fall. This is the reason why sprained and broken wrists or arms are a frequent outcome in hotel slip and fall accidents. Spinal injuries, head trauma, lacerations and broken limbs also may occur. Some of these injuries will require ongoing medical care, and it is not unusual for the victim to have pay substantial medical bills.

Working with an experienced Las Vegas hotel slip and fall attorney is the best way for an accident victim to gain compensation for the damages they suffered. Only with legal counsel can slip and fall victims hope to take the first steps toward healing their injuries.