Las Vegas Strip Slip and Fall

The Las Vegas Strip may be one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous. Driving is notoriously hazardous along South Las Vegas Boulevard and its intersecting streets. However, the going can be just as risky for pedestrians. That’s especially true when unexpected hazards are put in their way.

Slip and fall accidents on the Vegas Strip are more common than most people realize. They are there to have a good time, and it doesn’t cross their minds that a life-altering incident could occur. A slip and fall on the Strip could happen as a result of any number of circumstances. Frequently, it’s an uneven sidewalk or an enormous pothole that is to blame. In other cases, it may be a wet, greasy or slippery patch that was caused by a spill or other incident.

It is not always easy to determine who is at fault when a slip and fall accident happens on the Las Vegas Strip. When the city is responsible for maintaining sidewalks and roadways and they fail in this duty, then they may be found liable in an accident. Similarly, a hotel or casino owner may be found to have been negligent in the maintenance of their property. Even a third party, such as a supplier for a restaurant or hotel, may be legally responsible for causing someone’s injuries in a slip and fall.

A qualified Nevada personal injury attorney is the best person to determine who is at fault in your slip and fall accident on the Strip.