Fell Outside a Casino in Las Vegas

Is the Casino Responsible If I Fall Outside Their Building?

State and city laws, and the courts that uphold those laws, stipulate that casino owners must do everything within their power to ensure that patrons enjoy a safe and hazard-free experience. This not only applies to guests within the casino, but also to those who are on the grounds outside the building.

The law requires that casinos take reasonable steps to protect their patrons. This does not mean that a casino, or any other business, can guarantee that no harm will ever befall people who visit their property. That’s because people are capable of being careless, reckless and negligent in their own right without any responsibility for their actions falling on the owner of the casino. Nonetheless, casino management is obligated to protect the public from dangers that any reasonable, prudent casino personnel could see would pose a risk.

For instance, assume that someone is walking outside of a casino. Employees are watering the gardens, and a hose has been placed across the walkway. The unwary visitor could trip and fall over the hose, especially if there were no warning signs to make the potential risk more obvious. A prudent, reasonable manager of a casino could easily see how a hose lying across a walkway could present a trip-and-fall hazard, which means that the casino could be held legally responsible for the victim’s injuries.

If you were injured in a fall outside of a Las Vegas casino, contact a Nevada personal injury attorney today. Your lawyer can offer the legal guidance you need when you are in a difficult situation.