Slip and Fall FAQ


These frequently asked questions may help you to determine whether or not to contact a personal injury lawyer after a slip-and-fall accident.

Q: Should I fill out an accident report?

A: When you fall at a business, they may request that you fill out an accident report. It’s generally acceptable to do so as long as you avoid lengthy statements. Also, don’t sign anything. Stick to basic facts, and be sure to note any witnesses to the incident. Request a copy of the report before you leave.

Q: What kind of compensation is possible with a slip-and-fall injury?

A: Accidents like these can involve fairly serious injuries that require time and extensive medical attention. Accordingly, you may be able to request compensation to cover expenses like:

-lost wages
-medical bills
-PTSD treatment
-disability of either a temporary or permanent nature
-loss of earning ability

Q: If an owner violates building code, can this be used against them?

A: It may be possible for an attorney to discover violation of a building code or statute while they are investigating your claim. This information may prove beneficial to your case, especially if the violation contributed to your accident.

Q: Which parties can be held liable in slip-and-fall accidents?

A: Liability may fall on several parties, depending upon the unique circumstances surrounding the slip-and-fall incident. The owner of the building, a tenant or even a third party who was on site providing services all may be partially responsible for the accident. Your attorney will help to identify the at-fault parties and their liability.