Hit by A Lexus, How Much Will I Get?

It’s tempting for clients to believe that an at-fault driver who owns an expensive car will be able to pay a larger settlement figure. However, a seasoned Las Vegas car crash attorney knows better than to make any settlement projections based on the fact that their client’s car was hit by a Lexus. Maybe that car belongs to the at-fault driver’s aunt. Perhaps it was a gift from his parents. Or, there’s always the chance that the car is the only thing of real value that he owns.

The reality is that the court system doesn’t actually use the value of a specific car or even the defendant’s ability to pay when it comes to calculating damages. Insurance adjusters, lawyers and judges all may rely on calculations that will help them find a place to begin settlement negotiations.

For instance, all of the victim’s medical bills will be added together to determine a total cost. This number is then multiplied by a number between 1.5 and five. Multipliers at the smaller end of the spectrum represent less serious injuries while numbers at the higher end represent more debilitating damages. In cases where permanent disability is involved, multipliers of up to 10 may be used.

Essentially, the damages that the victim suffered form the basis of the settlement negotiations instead of the size of the at-fault driver’s bank account. An experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney will know precisely which calculations to use and how much to ask for when starting negotiations.

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