Why Attorneys Settle All Their Injury Cases (And Why We Will Go to Trial)

personal injury

People who have not been involved with a lawsuit before have a huge misconception about the process. That’s because they believe that all lawsuits go to trial. Actually, the reverse is true. The vast majority of cases settle long before the trial date is set. Why does this happen?

Trials are risky. They take a great deal of time, and they represent a potentially enormous expense. Plus, there’s no way to guarantee which way a judge and jury will go. What sounds like a rock-solid case leading up to trial can disintegrate with surprising speed in the courtroom. That’s why attorneys are generally eager to avoid trial at all costs.

This is an effective strategy that minimizes risk for the client in the majority of cases. Some attorneys are so trial-averse that they will do just about anything to avoid seeing the inside of a courtroom.

We do things differently. In general, we do strive to keep our clients outside of the courtroom because of the stress and potential expense. This typically results in a positive outcome. Nonetheless, there are those cases that are so egregious, in which the defendant is so obviously and obstinately in the wrong, that we actually prefer to go to trial. That’s because we think that a judge and jury can readily see that our client has been wronged. This often results in a much bigger settlement than what could have been achieved in negotiation.

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