How Do I know if Insurance Company is Giving me a Good Deal?

Most people don’t have extensive experience when it comes to settling large insurance claims. That’s a good thing, until the need to evaluate an offer from an insurance company arises. Then, this lack of experience is a serious detriment that may prevent an accident victim from claiming the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

The initial offer from an insurance company is nearly always far too low to provide adequate compensation. Often, the insurance adjuster is testing the waters to see if you understand how much your claim is worth. They are also hoping that you’ll leap at the chance to get any money out of them at all. Unfortunately, this has led many people to settle quickly when they should have negotiated instead.

Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible on any claim. They aren’t above suggesting that an accident victim is at least partially to blame for their injuries or using other underhanded tactics. You can try to negotiate with an insurance company by yourself, but it just doesn’t make sense when tens of thousands of dollars or even more is potentially at stake.

A personal injury lawyer is adept at calculating damages and accounting for any future expenses or losses that may arise from the accident. Don’t trust an insurance company to offer you a fair deal, and don’t be lulled into submission by a seemingly friendly attitude. Adjusters are trained to get on your good side to persuade you to accept a low offer. Talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer instead.