Las Vegas Civil Attorney

Cal Potter

Civil litigation is not something that anyone enters into lightly. If anything, it comes only after months of negotiation. This is because most people know that litigation is a costly and stressful process. Numerous life-changing issues hang in the balance, so it’s vital to work with an attorney who understands the gravity of the situation.

When it comes to hiring a Las Vegas civil attorney, experience is crucial. You want a lawyer who is an adept negotiator and understands your case down to the last detail. A good civil attorney is one who does their utmost to keep you out of the courtroom, but doesn’t shy away from a trial if that is what is necessary to bring about the desired outcome.

Many civil attorneys in Las Vegas focus on staying out of the courtroom. This can be to the detriment of their clients. However, the attorney’s lack of trial experience causes them to avoid taking a case before a jury. They would rather obtain a less favorable outcome than risk arguing before a judge and jury.

While we strive to reach a settlement before the trial date, we also prepare from the beginning as if we will someday be in the courtroom. Our tremendous trial experience, coupled with our finely honed negotiating skills, make us a trusted choice for civil litigation matters in Las Vegas.

If you have a civil litigation matter and you want to work with legal counsel that is prepared to take your case as far as is necessary, contact a Las Vegas civil attorney today.