Wrong-Way Driver Dies, Injures Another Driver in Crash

In Las Vegas, streets and highways are marked with signs that communicate important information to drivers. They tell drivers about one-way streets, how fast they can travel and where it is safe to enter and exit a freeway.

Most drivers are familiar with these signs, and a cautious driver remains aware of these signs while they are on the road. In fact, the law requires that all drivers watch for signs and obey them. Failure to do so can not only lead to a traffic ticket, but also may have tragic consequences.Not long ago in Sparks, a driver behind the wheel of a sedan took a ramp onto Interstate 80. There’s nothing particularly remarkable in this until you understand that he used an exit ramp to enter the freeway. Accordingly, he found himself meeting traffic head on.

The sedan quickly crashed into a tanker truck, killing the driver. The man behind the wheel of the tanker truck was injured, but will recover. Early reports do not specify whether or not the driver of the sedan may have been driving under the influence or suffered from a medical emergency that caused him to use the wrong ramp.

The driver of the tanker truck suffered injuries that were no fault of his own. It may be that he can make a personal injury claim against the estate of the sedan driver. This means that he may receive compensation that helps to cover the cost of his medical care and to ease his pain and suffering.

If another driver ignored a road sign and caused an accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Las Vegas personal injury law firm.