Suing Las Vegas Drunk Drivers in Civil Court

Everyone knows more now about drunk driving than was known in the 1970s. Back then, there were few concerted efforts to keep inebriated drivers off the road. Law enforcement was less likely to focus their resources on people too drunk to be behind the wheel. However, drunk drivers became such a tragically common occurrence that government agencies and activist groups had to take a stand.

Despite decades of visible campaigns that are aimed specifically at cutting down on the number of drunk drivers, many people continue to make the poor and sometimes tragic decision to drive while under the influence. This was the case recently in Las Vegas where a 24 year-old man slammed his car into another vehicle. The young man was driving a 1998 Honda Accord when he ran through a stop sign. An 80 year-old man was driving a 2014 Ford Mustang through the intersection at the time. The Accord broadsided the Mustang on the driver’s side. While the driver of the Accord suffered only minor injuries, the 80 year-old Mustang driver was killed.

Drunk driving is a completely preventable crime. When other drivers are severely injured or killed by an impaired driver, then they or their surviving family members are entitled to compensation. The young man in this story is likely to be facing criminal charges, but he also can be sued in civil court by the family of the 80 year-old driver.

If you were injured by a drunk driver, then you need an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney to review your case. You may be able to pursue compensation from the drunk driver. Moreover, you may need assistance when dealing with insurance companies.