Ask a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney About Truck Accident Injuries

People who drive passenger cars on Las Vegas’ roads are susceptible to many hazards. One of the most formidable of these is semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. The size and weight of these vehicles dwarf the average passenger car. Even one of the bigger SUVs or pickup trucks on the road is no match for these mammoths on Nevada’s highways.

Being involved in a Las Vegas truck accident is terrifying for the driver and passengers in the car. Unfortunately, the fear they feel is probably the least of their problems. When a semi-truck collides with an ordinary car, the results are catastrophic. Those who do not die as a result of their injuries may spend months or years recovering. People who survive truck accidents in Nevada frequently face multiple surgeries, ongoing rehabilitation and countless medical visits. On top of that, there is missed time at work. Some people can never return to their profession. Others may eventually find employment, but discover that it is not as remunerative as the job they held before the accident.

Semi-truck accidents may result from multiple causes. Driver fatigue frequently is a factor. That’s because some trucking companies push their drivers beyond the limits of endurance. Speed also typically plays a role. Even a semi-truck that was traveling at the speed limit may have been going too fast for safe operation. A truck that is too heavily or improperly loaded similarly may be more likely to get into an accident.

It takes a personal injury attorney who is experienced with truck accidents to get to the bottom of these cases. Contact the Las Vegas truck injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to learn more.