Aggressive Drivers Are Causing Accidents on Las Vegas Roadways

Most drivers on Nevada’s roads are courteous. They drive defensively and try to avoid causing aggravation. Then, there are the drivers who are constantly tailgating, cutting in and out of traffic, honking their horn and generally being obnoxious.

Aggressive driving is a big problem in Las Vegas and throughout the state. We’ve all seen these drivers changing lanes in an effort to get in front of other cars. They also tend to speed and ignore traffic lights and road signs. Any driver that makes violent gestures or threats similarly may be guilty of aggressive driving.

People who get angry and aggressive when they are behind the wheel are a threat to everyone on the road. However, it’s hard for other drivers to know what to do when they encounter someone who seems fixated on them. The best thing that other drivers can do is to avoid the aggressive driver. Changing lanes or pulling over to let the other driver around typically are safe maneuvers. It makes sense to avoid eye contact and to resist the temptation to make a few of your own rude gestures. Instead, focus on getting the license plate number on that aggressive driver’s car. You may want to call the police about them later.

Aggressive drivers have been known to frequently cause car accidents on Nevada’s roadways. If another driver’s aggressive behavior caused a collision and you were hurt, then it may be possible to sue the other driver for damages. Drivers have a duty to drive reasonably given the circumstances. If that driver failed in that duty, then a Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Potter Law Offices may be able to help you.