Las Vegas Truck Accidents and Vicarious Liability

Semi-trucks are an important part of the American economy. Their size enables them to transport large quantities of goods at relatively inexpensive rates. However, the pressure to make deliveries can be intense.

This pressure often leads to driver errors. Sometimes they are fatigued and slow to react. Other times, they are traveling too fast. Occasionally, semi-truck drivers make aggressive or hazardous maneuvers. Any of these factors could contribute to a crash with a passenger vehicle.

In these collisions, it is nearly always the driver of the passenger vehicle that receives the worst injuries. This leads to mounting medical bills and lost time at work. It’s only natural for the truck crash victim to think about suing for damages.

The law may permit the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. The drawback to this strategy is that the driver likely does not have sizable assets that could be leveraged in a settlement. It may make sense to also sue the driver’s employer. A legal doctrine called vicarious liability makes it possible for a victim to hold the employer responsible for the truck driver’s behavior. Generally, the employer has “deeper pockets,” which means that they have an increased ability to make financial compensation.

Just because the law allows the victim of a truck accident in Nevada to sue the other driver’s employer through the doctrine of vicarious liability doesn’t make the case a slam dunk. The case must be carefully constructed by an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney who gathers evidence that demonstrates how the employer was at least partially responsible for the collision.

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