Las Vegas Slip and Fall Accidents Happen Everywhere


Studies suggest that slip and fall accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. In Las Vegas, there is little reason to worry about snowy or icy conditions making sidewalks, streets and driveways treacherous, but this doesn’t mean that slip or trip and fall incidences are rare.

Many of the most common places where these accidents occur are located throughout Las Vegas. Grocery stores are frequently the site of a fall. Perhaps it is because spills are relatively common in these establishments. Another likely place to experience a fall is in Vegas’ hotels and casinos. Operators know that people are distracted by other things while spending time on their property. However, this does not necessarily absolve them from responsibility when they behave in a negligent or reckless manner that results in an injury. In fact, businesses of all sizes that permit people to enter their premises may be held accountable if a hazard that they knew about and should have taken steps to correct causes harm to someone else.

Some slip and fall accidents in Nevada even happen in private homes. In these cases, it is not always the property owner that pays compensation. Rather, their insurance company may be the responsible party. This does not mean that receiving adequate compensation will be an easy matter. Many insurance companies will do their best to pay a victim as little as possible. This is just one of the reasons why a Nevada slip and fall attorney is your best ally in this situation.

Contact the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices. They have helped dozens of slip and fall victims get compensated after they are injured by someone else’s carelessness.