Making a Claim After a Slip and Fall on Government Property

Nobody expects to suffer a slip and fall. Nonetheless, these accidents are surprisingly common. These mishaps can result in quite serious injuries, making a consultation with a qualified Las Vegas slip and fall attorney a necessity.

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere. They take place in restaurants and retail shops, gas stations and grocery stores. However, they also may happen while a citizen is visiting a government property like a library, a state park or even a federal building. Any entity that operates these facilities may be liable for your injuries, and that may mean filing a personal injury claim against the government.

This process is quite different when compared with filing a slip and fall injury lawsuit. For example, if you slipped and fell in the local grocery store, you would likely have the ability to sue the owner of the store for their negligence. However, you cannot similarly sue the government. This means that you must file a claim instead.

Chapter 41 of the Nevada Annotated Code defines how a citizen can make a personal injury claim against the state government. The burden for proving the case falls to the victim, and it is not always easy to convince the government that they are responsible for the damages suffered. The victim must provide a written statement that complies with many requirements in addition to submitting comprehensive medical records. This process can be time consuming and complex. Moreover, there is a strict statute of limitations by which the claim must be filed. Many victims miss out on compensation because they don’t properly file the claim.

Ask an experienced Las Vegas slip and fall accident lawyer for help with you case.