When Is It Time To Call a Las Vegas Slip and Fall Attorney?


When a business opens itself to the public, the owner has a duty to ensure that their property is maintained. This means that customers can visit without undue fear of harm to their health and safety. Unfortunately, some business owners don’t exercise appropriate care when it comes to making certain that their premises are safe. This means that an accident is all but guaranteed to happen.

Frequently, those accidents are slip and falls. These mishaps occur in casinos, hotels, restaurants, malls, parking garages and elsewhere throughout Las Vegas. Most of the victims in these incidents receive only minor injuries. A bruise or a sprained ankle may not be reason enough to file a lawsuit, but most Nevada slip and fall cases involve more extensive injuries.

The worst slip and fall injuries may involve trauma to the head and spine. Some victims have suffered brain damage or a broken limb. These injuries are not the sort of things that can be healed with an ice pack and a couple of days of rest. Instead, victims may be forced to endure multiple doctor appointment and treatments, which sometimes may involve surgery. The damage may be severe enough that the victim misses significant time at work. Meanwhile, they have to find a way to start paying the medical bills that insurance doesn’t cover.

Victims in these accidents deserve compensation for their injuries. With the help of a qualified Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer, it may be possible to pay those medical bills and replace any lost income. An initial consultation with a Nevada personal injury attorney is the first step. Contact the Potter Law Offices today to learn more about your rights.

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