Determining Liability In Nevada Slip and Fall Accidents


It’s rarely easy to determine liability in a slip and fall case. The injured person is convinced that they are entitled to compensation for their medical bills while the property owner is just as adamant that they aren’t responsible for the victim’s damages. Determining who is at fault ultimately may be decided in a court of law, and that is why skillful Las Vegas personal injury legal representation is critical.

One of the factors that a judge will look at in a slip and fall case is whether or not the accident was preventable. In other words, is it possible that the property owner could have prevented the accident from occurring in the first place? A property owner who exercised reasonable precautions may not be held accountable whereas one who behaved negligently may be forced to make compensation to a victim.

It also is necessary for the victim to prove that the owner knew about the dangerous conditions on their property and failed to take action. This can be difficult for the victim to determine without assistance. An experienced Nevada slip and fall attorney can make all the difference when it comes to uncovering evidence that proves an owner’s negligence.

The court additionally will want to know whether or not the victim was behaving carelessly or recklessly at the time of the accident. If so, then the victim may be at least partially responsible for their injuries. A well-qualified personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can help victims figure out if their own carelessness contributed to their injuries.

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