Seeking Compensation from Las Vegas Tour Accidents

Many people either come to Las Vegas as part of a tour or take a tour of the top sights while they are here. This can be an economical and convenient way to travel, and visitors who take these tours enjoy the opportunity to meet other like-minded tourists.

The vast majority of these tours come off without a hitch. Everyone has a good time and returns safely to their home or hotel. Unfortunately, a tour will occasionally go dangerously awry. When this happens, then it may be possible for accident victims to seek compensation from the responsible party or parties.

A few years ago, a loaded tour bus was driving along the Strip at 7:00 am. A drunk driver was behind the wheel of a BMW at the same moment. The driver of the passenger car slammed into the bus, which promptly burst into flames. Two people were killed and five were injured in the collision. All of the victims were on the tour bus. The driver of the BMW was surprisingly unhurt.

In this incident, the driver of the BMW was probably at fault. However, the tour bus operator also may bear some of the responsibility if the bus was not properly maintained or not in good repair. A bus that wasn’t well maintained may have had failing brakes or other faulty equipment that the owner should have repaired. If it can be shown that the owner failed to do so, then they may owe compensation to accident victims.

Contact a Las Vegas tour accident attorney at the Potter Law Offices if you have suffered an injury. Tour operators can be held responsible for the damages they cause.