Las Vegas Slip and Fall Injuries Aren’t Always Obvious

Poor lighting, a missing handrail, uneven sidewalk or wet floors can all cause a nasty fall. These accidents are incredibly common. While many of them result in minor injuries, others are serious. These injuries typically appear immediately after the fall. A broken bone or a deep cut are instantaneous. However, what happens if other injuries are discovered later?

It is not at all unusual for more injuries to manifest themselves hours, days or even weeks after a slip and fall incident. In fact, this is true of all accidents, like car crashes, in which injuries are sustained. One of the most common of these injuries is strain or damage to various muscles. These injuries occur because the human body instinctively tenses up when it senses danger. At the same time, the body is flooded with adrenaline. This adrenaline helps to keep our bodies active when we are under extreme duress. When our stress levels normalize, the adrenaline recedes, and the extent of the damage that the body has suffered becomes clear.

Typically, this means sore, damaged muscles that may not begin to hurt until hours or days after the accident. Slipped or herniated discs in the spine are other injuries that may not make themselves known until well after an accident occurs. This can become a chronic condition that cannot be cured. Traumatic brain injuries similarly may not be evident until well after the accident, causing even more problems with insurance claims.

A skilled Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer understands that not all injuries are evident immediately after an accident. With their counsel and advice, it is possible for victims to be fully compensated for the damages they suffered.