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Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorney


In the state of Nevada, 1.5 percent of all accidents involved big trucks. These accidents can have detrimental affects on drivers and their families. Types of injuries Some injuries caused from an accident with a tractor trailer are organ damage, brain and spinal cord injury, broken bones and burns. These can leave a victim paralyzed…

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Church Child Abuse Lawyer in Las Vegas


Unfortunately, horrific situations happen everyday to children. A child is defenseless and trusting. Children are taught to trust church members just as parents do. Sadly, church members are human and make serious mistakes such as child abuse. Results of child abuse A child who has been abused by a church member can have problems for…

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Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

personal injury

If you have been injured in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, it is important to know your rights so that you can proceed with legal action. One of the smartest things you can do is to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer. In Las Vegas, just as in the entire state of Nevada, there is…

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Evaluating Your Car Collisison

Determining the cause of a collision takes the police and an experienced accident attorney. If another party was found at fault, then they would be held responsible for compensating for your injuries. The following categories will help you uncover the cause of your accident and who was at fault. Generally, the cause of most car…

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New Prison Reforms to Improve Prisoners

Prison reform is gradually improving around the country, but it is bringing an awareness to the public of what was once called acceptable. Reform is revealing what had become the normal condition before. The rate of recidivism in America, which is the rate in which prisoners are reconvicted and re-entered into the system, is one…

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The Falls Free Initiative and Seniors

Falls among those 65 and over are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal, trauma-related injuries for this age group. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Council on Aging are uniting to reduce the number of falls in this population. One-third of U.S. seniors fall every year according to the…

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New Device is Shinning Hope for TBI Patients

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries occur most often from automobile crashes, and until recently there is been little hope but to wait for time to bring healing to the victim. Statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that TBI is a significant cause of disability and death across the country, and this…

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