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Drunk Driver Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

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It is a tragic reality that thousands of drunk drivers get behind the wheel every year. Too frequently, these incidents interfere with the lives and well-being of innocent bystanders. If this happens to you, then you need a drunk driver injury attorney in Las Vegas to review your case. The Centers for Disease Control and…

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Hit by an 18 Wheeler in Las Vegas


If you were hit by an 18 wheeler in Las Vegas, then you probably received severe injuries. This is typical in cases where drivers of passenger cars collide with semi-trucks. These vehicles are so massive that it’s inevitable that the other object that is struck will receive the brunt of the damage. Talk to the…

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18 Wheeler Accidents in Las Vegas

There’s no such thing as a “little accident” when an 18 wheeler is involved. All crashes that involve these massive vehicles are potentially tragic. That’s because these vehicles weigh approximately 25 times more than passenger cars. If you get into an accident with an 18 wheeler, chances are good that you will sustain terrible injuries.…

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Workplace Injuries in Las Vegas


State law dictates that all companies must have workers compensation insurance. This insurance is provides valuable assistance to injured employees. Accordingly, the worker and their family are able to sustain their standard of living even while the breadwinner is unable to bring home a paycheck. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get fair compensation from…

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Toxic Tort Attorneys in Las Vegas

Hazardous or toxic substances are used on a regular basis in numerous industries. When properly handled and controlled, these substances can be beneficial. However, carelessness and negligence lead to terrible accidents that have long-lasting repercussions. If you have been injured as a result of exposure to hazardous materials, then you need to contact the toxic…

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Toxic Mold Lawyers in Las Vegas

Mold is all around us, all the time. No matter where we go, we encounter it. Usually, it doesn’t cause any adverse side effects. However, that changes when mold spores find a persistently damp spot in a building. That’s when mold flourishes, and toxic mold symptoms are all but bound to manifest. If you have…

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Car Crash Lawyers in Las Vegas


It seems like everyone owns a car in Las Vegas, and with so many people being on the road, it’s only natural that car crashes are an everyday occurrence. However, it is short-sighted to assume that every accident is the same. The reality is that every collision is a highly specific and unique event that…

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Wrongful Death in Las Vegas


The loss of a loved one is never easy to endure. However, when that loss comes prematurely as the result of someone else’s negligence, the pain is particularly difficult to bear. After the first days or weeks of mourning have passed, it is sensible to consult with an attorney who handles wrongful death in Las…

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Car Crash Attorneys in Las Vegas

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Most people are fortunate enough to never be involved in a serious car accident. Nonetheless, a smaller percentage of the population is forced to deal with the sometimes debilitating or even tragic effects of a collision. Healing is the first priority when these situations arise, but when you are well on the road to recovery,…

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Slip and Fall Lawyers in Las Vegas


Slip-and-fall accidents happen more frequently than most people realize. Usually, they occur under ordinary circumstances. The victim is going about their day at work or running errands. Then, they encounter an unforeseen hazard. This could be a pothole, an uneven sidewalk, a stack of books or a power cord on the floor, or even an…

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