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FELA Railroad Injuries in Las Vegas


Working in the railroad industry has always been risky. While many laws now keep workers safe, this was not always the case. In the 19th century and the early 20th century, federal laws favored the railroad companies to the detriment of employees. This meant that many people who worked in the railroad industry could be…

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Mass Tort Lawyers in Las Vegas


When it comes to hiring mass tort lawyers in Las Vegas, experience makes all the difference. Mass tort claims are notoriously complex. Plaintiffs may be located in Clark County, but chances are good that other potential plaintiffs could be found across the country. Accordingly, it’s vital to work with attorneys who have the skill and…

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Brain Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Bicycle accident

No one should take chances when they receive a head injury. Immediate medical attention is critical in order to avoid some of the more catastrophic symptoms. However, even the best treatment cannot always heal a brain injury. If you received a head injury, then you may want to consult with a brain injury lawyer in…

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Burn Injuries in Las Vegas


The severe pain from burn injuries is immediate, but the suffering caused by this trauma can last for a lifetime. If you or a loved one has been wounded by someone else’s carelessness, then it’s time to contact an attorney who works with burn injuries in Las Vegas. Most burn injuries occur in fires, but…

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Catastrophic Injuries in Las Vegas


After sustaining a catastrophic injury in Las Vegas, the victim’s entire existence may be given over to recovery. That’s because the nature of this trauma is such that the victim’s lifestyle is never the same. They may no longer be able to work in any capacity, and this may affect the entire family’s well-being. When…

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Construction Accidents in Las Vegas

bridge collapse

Clark County in general and Las Vegas in particular have seen tremendous growth in recent years. The influx of people has translated to a notable increase in construction. This is generally good news for the economy, but all of that construction comes with a downside. Construction is a dangerous industry. From malfunctioning equipment to neglected…

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Defamation, Libel and Slander in Las Vegas


Defamation of character is an extremely serious matter, especially with the prevalence of online communication. If someone has published hurtful, untrue things about you, then it’s within your rights to seek legal action. While libel, slander and defamation generally are not considered criminal offenses, this does not prohibit the victim from suing in civil court.…

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Construction Injuries in Las Vegas


The construction industry is booming in Las Vegas. That’s great news for workers who are looking for steady employment and good wages. However, the construction industry is hazardous. Between workers who do not receive adequate training, neglected safety standards and the malfunctioning of heavy equipment, hundreds of workers receive on-the-job injuries every year. Unfortunately, it…

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Birth Injury Attorney in Las Vegas


When a family is expecting a baby, hopes are high. Parents want a healthy child above all else, and most will do anything to protect their child during pregnancy and throughout the course of their lifetime. However, some things are beyond the parents’ control. During delivery, it’s medical personnel who are responsible for the welfare…

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Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas


Accidents happen every day. Usually, they happen to other people, but there’s always that small possibility that they could happen to you. That’s when it’s time to contact accident attorneys in Las Vegas. Most accident attorneys in Las Vegas handle diverse personal injury cases. Car accidents are among the most frequently seen cases, but there…

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