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    If you're looking for Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who take a hands-on approach, then you've come to the right firm. Unlike many larger offices that are likely to farm work out to other lawyers, we handle all of our cases in house. Clients enjoy a solid, one-on-one working relationship with their attorney so that they always know that their case is in good hands. This Nevada personal injury law firm has built a solid reputation over the course of many years for providing outstanding service. We've represented clients in numerous accidents including: -Car crashes -Slip and falls -Product liability -Premises liability -Bicycle accidents -Truck collisions -and others. This diverse practice has given our attorneys a rare level of knowledge

  • Cal Potter

    Civil litigation is not something that anyone enters into lightly. If anything, it comes only after months of negotiation. This is because most people know that litigation is a costly and stressful process. Numerous life-changing issues hang in the balance, so it's vital to work with an attorney who understands the gravity of the situation. When it comes to hiring a Las Vegas civil attorney, experience is crucial. You want a lawyer who is an adept negotiator and understands your case down to the last detail. A good civil attorney is one who does their utmost to keep you out of the courtroom, but doesn't shy away from a trial if that is what is necessary to bring about the

  • accident

    When you're involved in a serious accident, your first concern is to try to restore your physical and emotional health. You trust doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to help you with this. Nonetheless, medical attention can only do so much. You also have mounting expenses associated with the accident, and you may need assistance to make you financially whole. Las Vegas accident lawyers step in to help you make a financial recovery when medical costs and other expenses associated with a serious incident interfere with you and your family's economic well being. We understand how devastating the aftermath of an accident can be. Many of our clients have been driven to the brink of financial ruin before they

  • Most people don't have extensive experience when it comes to settling large insurance claims. That's a good thing, until the need to evaluate an offer from an insurance company arises. Then, this lack of experience is a serious detriment that may prevent an accident victim from claiming the compensation that they rightfully deserve. The initial offer from an insurance company is nearly always far too low to provide adequate compensation. Often, the insurance adjuster is testing the waters to see if you understand how much your claim is worth. They are also hoping that you'll leap at the chance to get any money out of them at all. Unfortunately, this has led many people to settle quickly when they should

  • personal injury

    People who have not been involved with a lawsuit before have a huge misconception about the process. That's because they believe that all lawsuits go to trial. Actually, the reverse is true. The vast majority of cases settle long before the trial date is set. Why does this happen? Trials are risky. They take a great deal of time, and they represent a potentially enormous expense. Plus, there's no way to guarantee which way a judge and jury will go. What sounds like a rock-solid case leading up to trial can disintegrate with surprising speed in the courtroom. That's why attorneys are generally eager to avoid trial at all costs. This is an effective strategy that minimizes risk for the

  • If you're injured, chances are good that there's an insurance company that wants to offer you a settlement. This seems like a good thing. You've missed time at work, and you've got medical bills to pay. That money from the insurance company sounds like it's just what you need. However, it is rarely a good idea to simply take whatever the insurance company is offering. This is because it's their business to turn a profit. They do not operate with your best interests at heart. They will offer you the lowest possible amount and cross their fingers that you won't think to talk to an attorney or at least negotiate. Going to battle with an insurance company sounds like a

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